Administrative Fees
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To support its mission and enhance its services to donors and nonprofit organizations, there are fees charged to endowed and non-endowed funds with the CFSKY. The table below shows the administrative fees that help the CFSKY defray the administrative and program costs of the Foundation. The services provided in return for the fee are listed below. The fee will be a percentage of the fund’s market value. Unless otherwise noted, one quarter (1/4) of the fee is assessed quarterly based on the quarter average of the fund. The following fees apply until revised by the CFSKY Board of Directors.

administrative fees

The administrative fee covers the following services to the donor:

*Investment Management
*Periodic financial reports generated
*Professional audit
*Filing of annual state and federal reports
*Professional correspondence generated for all transactions
*Checks written and deposits made
*Maintenance of all files
*Accounting services
*Administrative services
*Staff time associated with the above services

  • minimum size of fund: $25,000 / unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors

  • 1st qtr / JUN
    2nd qtr / SEPT
    3rd qtr / DEC
    4th qtr / JAN

  • Investment Management Fees: The rates listed do not include investment fees. Funds are charged their prorated share of the fee CFSKY is charged for these services taken quarterly. Currently .22% annually