Grants / How to Apply

[typically opens July 1—Closes Aug 1 ]

The amount of funds available for annual grants through the Women’s Fund of South Central Kentucky is typically announced in early July. At the start of each year’s grant cycle an announcement will be released to local media, and an email will be sent to area non-profits seeking grant proposals.

Purpose and Overview

Each year, the Women’s fund will award an “Impact Grant” for a single program or project serving women and/or children in the South Central Kentucky area which includes Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Metcalfe, Monroe, Simpson & Warren Counties.  Consideration is given to organizations that demonstrate:

  • Commitment to long-range planning, financial stability and sustainability of the project
  • Specific and measurable goals for project evaluation
  • Sound plan to address ongoing or emerging women’s and/or children’s issues that have been identified by research
  • Desire to promote coordination and collaboration among organizations or institutions to prevent duplication of services
  • Project methodology utilizing a preventative approach to addressing the issues and solving problems
  • Evidence of realistic organizational planning and management

Consideration will be given to nonprofit organizations that are deemed tax-exempt under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code and from governmental agencies serving the afore mentioned area. Organizations (including co-applicants) that have received a grant from the Women’s Fund as either an individual recipient or a collaborative partner must wait five years to reapply for the Women’s Fund grant.  This restriction does not apply to organizations that have received “finalist” awards. An agency may submit only one grant application per year. As we continue to grow and evolve, the Women’s Fund reserves the right to change its eligibility criteria.

Project Areas Considered for Funding

The program or project for which funding is being requested must address needs or opportunities to improve the quality of life for women and children in South Central Kentucky and meet at least one or more of the following criteria:

  • Capital Projects: Small capital projects that will be completed within two years from the date of the grant award.
  • Community Development: Activities that benefit women and/or children in the community or address gender equity issues within all segments of the population.
  • Education: Activities that promote or strengthen the educational attainment of women and/or children, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Health: Activities that improve the health outcomes for women and/or children
  • Human Services: Activities that support public protection, employment/jobs, food and nutrition, agriculture, housing and shelter, public safety, disaster preparedness and relief for women and/or children.
  • Endowment Creation: Up to 25% of the grant may be utilized as matching funds to assist with the establishment of an endowment fund to provide a future funding source for the project. Organization has two years to complete the match requirement. Endowment fund will be established and held by The Community Foundation of South Central Kentucky. In the event that some of the grant goes unmatched, funds will revert back to the Women’s Fund Endowment.
  • Other Civic Endeavors: Other activities that will improve the quality of life for women and/or children in South Central Kentucky.

The project may be a new program, an expansion or modification of an existing program, or be a collaborative effort of several agencies.

Project Areas NOT Considered for Funding
  • Projects or programs of organizations that are not committed to gender equity.  Applicant organizations are expected to have established female leadership on their staff and board and generally promote gender equity within the community.
  • Requests for funding to reduce or retire debt of the organization.
  • Projects that focus on the spiritual needs of individuals.
  • Political parties or campaigns
  • Operating costs not directly related to the proposed project (the organization’s general operating expenses including equipment, staff salary, rent and utilities).
  • Event sponsorships, annual appeals, and membership contributions.
  • Travel expenses for groups or individuals such as bands, sports teams, or classes.
  • Scholarships or other grants to individuals.
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